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Regular Services

Sung Eucharist 
11am - Every Sunday 



This service employs all the senses to worship God. Splendid organ music, hymns, vestments, incense, bells, candles, movement, colour and silence. It is very well attended and welcomes all ages.



Bible Study 
7.30pm - Every Wednesday 

Diddy Disciples 
11am - Every Sunday 

This takes place during the first part of the Parish Mass (when running) at 11am for children aged 3-6. Diddy Disciples starts after the first hymn, and the children return for communion. 

The children hear the same Scripture readings as the adults but are taught in a more accessible way to help them learn, understand and have fun. 


What to expect...

What to expect

Smells and Bells

Our liturgy - that's what happens during the service - at 11am is designed to help us all encounter God. There are things to stimulate all the senses with ritual to help lift your soul. We have a cracking organist and brilliant preaching too. Children are really welcome. And we have coffee and biscuits afterwards.

Feel free to take part as much or as little as you want

We have many visitors, some from other churches, some from other nations, some have never set foot inside a church before. Many just come to have a look. Some want to come and get stuck in straight away. 

Get to know people

Ask questions. Ask why people come, where they're from, how long they've been coming, how they became Christians and why they come to our church. 

Let us know if we can pray for you

We love to pray.

If you want God to heal you, or speak to your life, let us know.

If you want to learn to pray, let us know too.

Give us your feedback

We really value your comments as to how we can improve things at Christ Church. If you would like to make a suggestion there is a comments box at the bottom of this page and we would love to hear from you! 

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