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Who are we?

A little bit about us.

We are a Christ-centred Church who gather together each Sunday at various services, and at activities throughout the week. (Covid restrictions allowing). We particularly welcome our uniformed groups (Scouts, Cubs, Beavers and Brownies) and our school to join us.
We seek to strengthen each other and the community at large by helping and caring for one another. We try to provide a church which is lively, involved, open, informed and compassionate and where, both in times of trouble and joy, we seek through our worship to live fuller lives in the service of Christ and be lifted in Spirit with inspirational music.




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                                                                Why join Christ Church? 


In every community, people set up home, get married, have babies, children are baptised and educated, people run businesses, achieve successes and encounter troubles, people have family troubles, people get sick, people die. The church stands in the centre of this web of life and death, joy and grief - a constant in an often-inconstant world. We feel the Church provides a soul, if you will to our community here. A place to come for contemplation. To reflect on truths that transcend our everyday worries and cares and help us to deal with them from a different perspective in the spirit of God in prayer and action. We have a strong desire to serve this community in the name of God, and we would love to have you join us. We provide a variety of opportunities for you to get involved using your time and talents. Call to Worship At present Eucharist at 11.00am every Sunday. During the week we have services of Holy Communion. After every service there is always an opportunity to make new friends. 


                                                                   The Church as a sign of Christ’s Love


 We are all complex, our lives are increasingly complex. Our church we hope, recognises the complexity and seeks to reassure those who feel confused or overwhelmed by the demands of our lives that, although everything seems to change, and even the very nature of change itself seems to be constantly accelerating, the essential truths have not changed. Love, compassion, wisdom, integrity, humility and forgiveness. These qualities are unchanging, eternal, and can all be found in Christ Jesus. In times of troubles and of joys the Church belongs to you, and you belong to God. I look forward to welcoming you to Christ Church soon and bringing your God given gifts and talents! For every day is a gift from God, how we live it is our gift to him! Every Blessing Bishop Rob

Data Protection

The processing of personal data is governed by the Data Protection Bill/Act 2017 the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (the “GDPR”) and other legislation relating to personal data and rights such as the Human Rights Act 1998.


The attached Privacy Notices explain why and how the Parochial Church Council (PCC) of Christ Church, Streatham and ‘The Friends of Christ Church’, Streatham hold or process personal data and explain your rights.  

Church Privacy


Friends Privacy


Church History

Christ Church is a landmark on the South Circular Road. It is also a landmark in the history of architecture. It is the most important surviving work of James Wild and Owen Jones. It contains the work of later artists such as John Hayward, J.F.Bentley and Walter Crane, as well as fine Italian mosaics. Christ Church is a Grade I listed building and is world famous among architectural historians.

Christ Church was the first example in modern times of the use of different coloured bricks to create the patterning. This colour blended with all the other influences into a simple coherent whole, is the genius of Wilds design. Sir John Summerson and Sir Nikolaus Pevsner described Wild as an early modernist and it is clear that when, at the beginning of the 20th century designers became fed up with rehashing the English Gothic style, it was to rare buildings like Christ Church that they looked for inspiration. Christ Church was included in the first lists of buildings of special architectural or historic interest when they were made in 1955 and is now a Grade I listed gem.

One of the most noticeable designs to the outside of the building is the “Star of David.” It is not known why this design was incorporated. In the original plans, it is described as “the Rose window”. Its design predates its widespread use as a Jewish symbol. It provides a very striking West front to the building.

The striking main entrance is enhanced by the wording over the doors: “I was glad when they said unto me let us go into the house of the Lord.” This text is from Psalm 121.

To the interior on the north wall can be seen two Walter Crane windows. The windows are considered rare examples of Crane's work in this medium. The windows are dated 1891. One of the windows shows Our Lord speaking to the widow of Nain. “Weep not”. The other exhorting Peter to “feed my sheep”. Both windows bear the artist's mark.

A little bit about us
Church History
Data Protection

    Church Organ

The Church Organ

Our church organ is by William Hill and was first built in 1886. It is considered by the Southwark and South London Society of Organists to be one of the top 10 finest organs in South London. 
It was originally built for West Croydon Congregational Church. In 1980, after being redundant for a number of years, the decision was made by the Parochial Church Council of Christ Church to purchase the instrument. The purchase price was £1,700 which was generously donated by an anonymous benefactor.


Between January and November, 1981 work began to dismantle the organ. During this time the west end gallery, which now houses the organ in Christ Church, was strengthened to support the additional weight. The newly restored organ was first played at a concert in May 1987. The organ, a gentle giant of an instrument, is in full working order and is regularly tuned and maintained.

For further details about our church organ and its specification, then click here.

Organ recordings will be available here soon. 

Several of our adult servers are members of the Company of Servers.

We are hoping to encourage some of our younger servers to become members as well.

The Company of Servers was formed in the spring of 2009 for all who are servers in the

Anglican Communion.

Membership is open to all ages, from the youngest, newest server, to those who have dedicated

many years of service. Members are known as Companions and become part of a national and
international community of friendship, teaching, learning and support.

"Those who serve at the altar share in what is offered at the altar." 1 Cor.9.13

The Company of Servers hopes to raise not only an understanding of the hows and whys of serving but also encourage those who serve already to continue and feel valued. Through raising awareness of the ministry of those who serve at the altar it is hoped that others will begin to explore this essential role in the service of God and his Church.

To find out more about the company of servers click on the button below to visit their website.

The Company of Servers

Company of Servers
Parish Boundary

Parish Boundary

Our parish boundary is shown on the screenshot. You can click the image to enlarge it. However, for a more accurate search where you can zoom in, please click the button below to use the Parish finder on the Church of England website. 

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